Become a Pulsar Turbo Systems Ambassador!

We are excited to launch the official Pulsar Turbo Systems Support Programme, at Pulsar Turbo Systems we recognize the importance of supporting those who are willing to consistently promote us in a positive light at race events, shows or even just share our products on your social media/websites. To be a Team Pulsar Turbo Systems Ambassador, please check out the instructions below and send in your contact information and topic, you could be the next!

You might be a good fit if:

  • You are a racing team that wants to build a car for racing events.
  • You are active within the community including online communities, car shows, and other relevant events.
  • You are interested in selling Pulsar Turbo Systems products.

What kind of sponsorship deals could you get?

The sponsorship deals could be provided in several different ways like a sponsored discount price or free product(s)

All persons or companies who want to be part of our support program are required to agree our sponsorship guidelines below:

  1. You will get our “Pulsar Turbo Systems” decal(s) for free,  at least one decal must be displayed on the project vehicle.
  2. Agree to provide us with constant updates, including photos/videos of build progress, race results or dyno results.
  3. Publicly and positively mention Pulsar Turbo Systems after each positive result via your website and social media pages.
  4. Pulsar Turbo Systems has the right to use all available images of the car and/or the owner for its marketing and advertising/promotional purposes.