PULSAR TURBO BLANKET for PT/X PTG 300 400 PTX38/R series Turbos



Inside: Flexible Metal

Outside: Volcanic Lava Rock

Max Temperature Rating: 1200 °C



PT/X28 PT/X30 PT/X35 PTG25(4849G/5449G) PTG30(5455G/5855G/6255G) PTG35(6262G/6862G) series turbine housing



Turbochargers generate a lot of heat, but a blanket keeps the heat contained, preventing it from spreading throughout the engine bay and hastening the aging of vital plastic or rubber components.

Additional information

Turbo Model

PT/X28 GEN1/2 T25; PTG25 T25; PTG25 VBAND IWG; PTG30 T25; PTG30 VBAND IWG, PT/X30 GEN1/2; PT/X35 GEN1/2; PSR3584 GEN2; Ford Falcon XR6, PTG25 VBAND; PTG30 T3/VBAND; PTG35 T3/VBAND, PTG42; S300; PTX38/R, 400 T4, 400 T6


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