PULSAR PTX28/30/35 PTG25/30/35 Turbine Housing V-Band Flange&Clamp Kits


  • Full Billet Stainless Steel Flange
  • Stainless Steel V-Band Clamp
  • Slip-on&Weld Desing for Easy Operation
  • Directly Fits Pulsar, Tial, etc. Turbine Housings



  1. PT/X2860, PT/X2867, PT/X2871 GEN1 and GEN2;
  2. PT/X3071, PT/X3076 GEN1 and GEN2
  3. PT/X3576, PT/X3582 GEN1 and GEN2
  4. PTX3584 GEN2
  5. PTG25 (4849G, 5449G)
  6. PTG30 (5455G, 5855G, 6255G)
  7. PTG35 (6262G, 6862G)


The Inlet Flange is for 2.5″ OD Tubing

The Outlet Flange is for 3″ OD Tubing

Additional information


2.5" Inlet Kit, 3" Outlet Kit, 2.5" Inlet+3" Outlet Kit, 2.5" Inlet Flange only, 3" Outlet Flange only, 2.5" Inlet Clamp only, 3" Outlet Clamp only


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