PULSAR Billet 467 Series Turbocharger


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  • Billet compressor wheel with extended tip technology for the ultimate in aerodynamics
  • Inconel 713 turbine wheel for high-temperature operation
  • T6 Divided turbine housings in 1.15A/R, 1.32A/R or 1.58 A/R with 5″ V Band Outlet 5.75 OD Marmon flange
  • T4 Divided turbine housing in 0.9A/R, 1.10A/R or 1.25 A/R with 4” Vband Outlet
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Recommending Engine Displacement: 3.0-8.0L

HP Rating 400-900


  • Compressor Wheel:67.7*91.4*98.1mm 6+6
  • Billet Compressor Wheels with Extended Tip Technology
  • 83/74mm, 87.4/81.7mm in Turbine Wheel Options
  • STD Compressor Cover without Speed Sensor Port
  • -12AN Oil Drain Flange


  • Compressor Inlet: 5” Slip-Fit
  • Compressor Outlet: V-band *
  • Turbine Housing A/R: 0.9, 1.0, 1.10, 1.25 in Option
  • Turbine Housing Inlet: T4 Divided

*  V-band Flange Kits are available:

Additional information

Turbine Wheel Options

83/74mm, 87.4/81.7mm

Turbine Housing Options

T4 Divided 0.90A/R, T4 Divided 1.0A/R, T4 Divided 1.10A/R, T4 Divided 1.25A/R


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