Ball Bearing Rebuild Kit for GARRETT Gen1 Gen2 GT/X28 GT/X30 GT/X35 Turbos


Stock replacement ball bearing cartridge, no modifications required

Metal Ball Bearing Cage

Excellent quality bearing can be compared with the genuine one

Aluminum Seal Plate

Heat Treated Oil Seal Ring



Fit GARRETT Gen1 Gen2 GT/X28 GT/X30 GT/X35 turbos:

GT/X2860R GT/X2867R GT/X2871R GT/X3071R GT/X3076R GT/X3576R GT/X3582R GTX3584RS


-Reference PN:

836023-5004S, 836023-5001S, 836026-5005S, 849894-5001S, 849894-5002S, 851154-5001S, 851154-5002S, 846098-5001S, 851154-5003S, 851154-5004S, 700177-5023S,   700177-5023, 700177-5022S,  700177-5022, 706451-0034, 700382-5012, 700382-5020, 700177-5014S, 700177-700


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